Kingsworthy Foundry. Crafting Comfort Since 1945

Transforming Kingsworthy Foundry’s Brand and Online Presence

A family enterprise established in 1945, boasts a rich history of crafting exquisite stoves, fire backs, and accessories through artisanal iron casting.

With the changing landscape of commerce and the rise of national online retailers, a strategic intervention became imperative. This case study delves into our partnership with Kingsworthy Foundry, wherein our holistic repositioning approach not only recaptured market share but also generated a remarkable 400% return on investment (ROI), elevating brand awareness and fostering transformation.

Challenges and Objectives
The advent of digital marketplaces posed a significant challenge for Kingsworthy Foundry’s traditional business model. Faced with the threat of dwindling market share, our strategic priority was twofold: to breathe new life into the brand while modernising its identity and to harness the potential of an e-commerce platform to expand its reach beyond geographical confines.

Our overarching objective was to rejuvenate Kingsworthy Foundry’s image, align it with contemporary market trends, and fortify its digital presence.

Our strategic approach:

Comprehensive Brand Audit: To chart a course for transformation, we embarked on an exhaustive analysis of Kingsworthy Foundry’s brand essence, values, and market positioning. This process unveiled the brand’s historical significance and unique craftsmanship, forming the bedrock for our strategic direction.

Vision and Purpose Redefined: We instilled a new sense of purpose into the brand, emphasising its heritage of handcrafted excellence while imbuing it with a forward-looking vision. This revitalised narrative served as a beacon guiding all subsequent initiatives.

Brand Repositioning and Proposition: Building upon our findings, we meticulously refined Kingsworthy Foundry’s brand positioning, distilling its essence into a resonant proposition that spoke to both tradition and modernity. This foundation provided coherence across all touchpoints.

Holistic Communication Strategy: With the essence of the brand elucidated, we orchestrated a comprehensive communication strategy. This encompassed a harmonious fusion of visual identity, tone of voice, and messaging to ensure a consistent and compelling brand narrative.

E-commerce Website Redesign: The linchpin of our strategy was the redevelopment of Kingsworthy Foundry’s digital interface. Our e-commerce website design seamlessly integrated the brand’s legacy with a user-friendly, intuitive platform, enhancing the customer journey and driving conversions.

Our impact

Remarkable ROI: Our multifaceted approach yielded an unprecedented 400% ROI within 6 months, underscoring the efficacy of our strategy in driving tangible business growth.

Elevated Brand Awareness: Kingsworthy Foundry experienced a resurgence in brand awareness, as its revamped image resonated with both existing and new customers.

Digital Transformation: The redesigned e-commerce website emerged as a pivotal revenue driver, expanding Kingsworthy Foundry’s market reach beyond geographical confines, and providing customers with a seamless online shopping experience.

I am delighted to now inform you that following my calculations of online trading over the past 12 months since the launch of our website, it has generated a remarkable 400% ROI. Thank you!
Richard Peake | Kingsworthy Foundry
…the fresh and innovative approach has ultimately resulted in heavier footfall through our doors. With another project on the cards, using Frost Creative is a no brainer!
Richard Peake | Kingsworthy Foundry

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