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We were appointed lead branding and design agency for JamieAi, a UK-based startup that is disrupting the recruitment industry. They have built the industry’s smartest platform for sourcing & filtering data professionals where employers can enjoy a hassle free and time saving process sourcing talent. Our role was to deliver the brand strategy, naming, visual identity, brand language and implementation of all marketing communications.

The idea for the brand name and visual theme derived from the story of Sexton Blake, a fictional character and detective who has featured in many British comic strips, novels and dramatic productions since 1893. The story of his sidekick Tinker aligned perfectly to the technology and usage of the app.

Tinkr is essentially a bespoke career scoring platform, where users can use data and machine learning to their advantage at every stage of their career journey. For users that means fulfilling ambitions, getting the right roles and nurturing a career where every day at work is a good one and it’s easy to ‘tinker’ and adjust their professional profile. And for recruiters it means a faster, more accurate way to find talent – and the kind of close fit that helps them retain that talent long-term.

Tinkr is disrupting the recruitment space by giving candidates and recruiters a new level of insight, accuracy and efficiency. Frost Creative is proud to be introducing the world to Tinkr: a warm, friendly and capable partner for the next stage of your career.

A full program of brand delivery

• Brand strategy
• Naming
• Positioning
• Design
• Brand language and messaging
• App design
• Digital user acquisition and launch campaign


• 3.2K users acquired within 3 months


CV's tested


New users acquired within 3 months

Thanks for all your hard work on this guys. We have been blown away with everything. I Can't wait to launch this to the world!
Technical Lead, Jamie Ai

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