Building Colas Rail’s Employer Brand

A photo of Adrian from Colas Rail UK in his orange rail uniform.

Frost was brought on board by Colas Rail, a leading European railway infrastructure company. They faced a challenge: attracting a diverse range of talent, from enthusiastic apprentices to seasoned project managers. Their current recruitment efforts just weren’t getting the traction they needed.

We knew there was a compelling story waiting to be told. So, we dug deep. We interviewed Colas Rail employees across the UK, uncovering the heart of the company – a shared passion for building a sustainable future. This wasn’t just a job; it was a mission that fueled every single person we spoke to.

This passion became the cornerstone of our campaign. We moved away from traditional job ads, crafting a narrative that celebrated the individuality of Colas Rail’s workforce. We showcased their work, of course, but also their lives outside the office – their hobbies, their interests, the things that make them unique. We utilised a mix of channels, from established platforms to the latest trends like TikTok and Instagram.

The results?
A resounding success. Applications soared by 50% overall, with a significant increase in both graduates and apprentices. We helped Colas Rail not only attract top talent, but also establish themselves as the go-to employer for passionate individuals building a sustainable future.

Image of brand guideline pages
Image of pages from a recruitment brochure
An image showing Colas Rail workers doing track work.
An image of three Colas Rail employees from different areas of work, turned to the right, the middle one wearing Colas Rail track uniform.
Image of two people looking to the right on a billboard.
An image showing how an employer brand recruitment campaign newspaper ad can look.
An image to show how the Colas Rail branding can look on different coloured wristbands.
Image of Colas Rail worker facing forwards.