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Designing a groundbreaking serviced offices report

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Shifting perspectives and selling space

When Office Space in Town (OSiT) began working with Capital Economics on a UK serviced office insight report, the goals were huge. The report needed to make a case for serviced offices as an undervalued asset class. But it would also be great to highlight OSiT’s inspiring, attractive workspaces at the same time.

In partnership with communication specialists Morgan Rossiter, we designed and developed artwork that would attract readers, highlight key messages, and reflect OSiT’s eclectic style.

OSiT’s serviced office interiors are inspiring. They have created exceptional office spaces that each have a different interior design theme throughout. For example their Waterloo office is Alice in Wonderland themed, the Monument office is Nautical themed and the City office is Monopoly themed. We wanted to create a report that people would want to pick up and then keep. The book is visually stimulating as we’ve combined beautiful typography with outstanding interior shots of OSiT’s unique spaces and illustrated elements. As the reader flicks through the report, the design guarantees to entice you in.

Making offices more engaging

Across its locations, OSiT has created themed, memorable office spaces that people love to work in. In designing the report, we adopted the same commitment to elegant, inspiring design. Not just good content, but good-looking content too.
Using interior photography of OSiT’s unique spaces as well as illustrated elements, our 64-page book was able to become both informative and stimulating at the same time.

A report worth keeping hold of

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