Helping eDR secure new business with this insightful animation

Animation, Design, Digital, Video

We were recently approached by eDigitalResearch, an innovative award-winning agency that helps businesses grow by building bespoke insight programmes built by passionate researchers and technical specialists. They were told by a prospective client that their presentation didn’t wow them enough which prompted them to engage Frost Creative for fresh some ideas.

We did a brief audit of their current presentation and advised that they could potentially create a video that can be used as a more engaging and more forward thinking approach to their pitch presentations but deliver the same message. Our view was simple, rather than have someone stood chatting through a long series of boring slides which everyone would be doing, why not play a video instead and let that do the work for you. It ise much easier to explain  products and services with video, prospects are far more likely to be engaged by it and remember you. We were given a 2 week deadline to deliver a dual purpose video. It had to work with and without sound so they could use the animation on screen at their exhibitions so we created an animation with a mix of simplistic info graphics and animated typography.

The Storyboarding, scripting, voice over recording, design and animation was all completed by Frost Creative within 2 weeks. eDigitalResearch are extremely happy with results and so are we.

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Helping eDR secure new business with this insightful animation