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Establishing consistency in marketing and communications

Radian Housing Group (Now Abri) is one of the South’s largest housing associations, providing nearly 21,000 affordable homes across the Southern region. Frost Creative was briefed to bring continuity to all touchpoints and brands in a short timeframe. As is typical in large organisations, multiple departments and team leaders had led to confused and inconsistent marketing. Brand continuity had been lost, outdated communications were sent to customers, and departments were uncertain about the direction collateral should take.

Radian digital campaign board poster at a train station advertising Universal Credit for housing.
Brand guidelines pages for Radian Housing
An image of a page from a printed Financial Magazine

From brand guidelines to day-to-day support.

We delivered comprehensive guidelines designed to make life easier for the marketing team. Beyond the guidelines themselves, we created a suite of templates covering everything from social posts to leaflets. These could be used without specialist software, enabling teams to create their own marketing faster, more efficiently, and without external agency fees.

Streamlining this day-to-day internal activity had a significant impact on large-scale creative. By eliminating unnecessary cost, budget became available for us to create larger campaigns and collateral including financial reports, development branding, and sales collateral. We became trusted partners to Radian, always on-hand to act as an extension of the team. Uniquely, our relationship with Radian was an ever improving partnership, with our design, imagery and art direction feeding into Radian’s in-house projects.

An image of an ipad displaying a social post for Radian Housing.
Image to show front cover of Radian Annual Report magazine

Further internal spreads from Radian's Annual Report

Internal spreads for Radian's printed housing magazine for residents.

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