Helping the United Nations to raise awareness for Transgender Equality

Standing up for equal rights and fair treatment for lesbian, gay, bi, trans and intersex people everywhere!

More than a third of the world’s countries still criminalise consensual, loving same-sex relationships, entrenching prejudice and putting millions of people at risk of blackmail, arrest and imprisonment.

Frost was briefed to deliver a suite of creative assets for The United Nations’ Free and Equal campaign, a global movement against homophobia and transphobia.

An image of a trans woman standing under a street light.
An image of different social posts highlighting the Free and Equal campaign.
An photo of a nurse making a heart shape with their hands in front of their chest.
A photo of two people smiling and interacting with each other.
An image of a person in a wheelchair, smiling.

Due to the sensitive nature of the campaign the creative needed to showcase diversity across all media such as race, sexuality and disabilities. It was also imperative the creative work was easily translated into several different languages and deliver the same level of engagement anywhere in the world.

We developed a montage style design that uses bespoke illustrative elements inspired by the spirit of activism.

From social content through to the physical environment the work has impact everywhere it’s seen.

The Impact

  • 15 Creative assets x 4 Languages
  • 93,000 Likes on Instagram
  • 10,800 Likes on Twitter
Image to show a blind person holding a red cane with their assistance dog.
An image to show how the Free & Equal campaign can look on window graphics.
An image to show how the campaign messaging can look on badges.
An image to show how the campaign messaging can look on a t-shirt. Shows the messaging above a circle of people stood around a circle.
An image to show a person with an LGBTIQ+ rainbow wrap around their shoulders with the scales of justice in the background.
An image of a person, with one blade runner prosthetic, sprinting.
An image of a group of children with their school bags and books.

Instagram likes over a 3 month period


Twitter likes over 3 a month period

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