Refreshing the leading global brand for permanent cosmetics

Tracie Giles (TG) is a global leader in permanent cosmetics and has over 25 years experience in the industry, operating from an exclusive clinic in Knightsbridge. Tracie has been featured in Cosmopolitan, OK!, Tatler and more. Frost Creative have becomeTG’s lead design and branding partners, a close relationship that encompasses all of the clinics communications.

We took the Tracie Giles team through our rigorous branding process to identify what they truly stand for and in turn developed a revised brand proposition that underpins all their marketing communications.

We shifted the business away from being a celebrity only clinic to a more inclusive brand. Whatever your skin tone, cultural background, medical history, customers will be treated with the utmost respect and care. Everyone is a VIP.

Laying the foundation for effective communications

As we began our relationship with Tracie Giles, we refreshed and updated brand identity, visual language and also created a more solid brand architecture. This helped to guarantee consistency as the company expanded into new treatment areas, developed products, and designed new digital platforms in collaboration with their digital partner. We became proactive brand advocates, standardising rules for how the Tracie Giles brand is treated and then implemented our guidelines with elegant layouts, bespoke icons and photography.

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