Bringing unity to a national hearing technology association

Developing a new brand and website for the British Irish Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association

We had the privilege of collaborating with the British Irish Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association (BIHIMA), a dynamic industry association now known as ‘The Voice of Hearing Technology.’ BIHIMA underwent a significant transformation, not only in name but also in its visual identity and digital presence. We embarked on a mission to craft a holistic brand identity and design a cutting-edge website that truly resonated with BIHIMA’s core values and objectives.

Showing the new BIHIMA logo
The BIHIMA logos in various brand colours

The front cover of the newly created Identity Guidelines

Inside spreads of the new Identity Guidelines

A photograph showing product shots in the internal spreads of a brochure

Double spread of the Identity Guidelines showing the application of brand fonts.

A double spread of photo images from the Identity Guidelines showing people who are using the BIHIMA technology.

The Challenge

BIHIMA, previously known as BIHA, decided to embrace a name change that not only incorporated Ireland but also replaced ‘aid’ with ‘instrument,’ reflecting their commitment to advancing hearing technology. We were entrusted with the task of creating a brand identity that encapsulated BIHIMA’s mission of unity and innovation, which are pivotal to their mission of bringing the hearing industry together and improving the lives of individuals with hearing difficulties.

UX/UI resulting in a website design and build, shown here on a desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

Three mobile phone screens each displaying a different website page from the new BIHIMA website design and build.

Our Approach
During our initial consultations, it became clear that unity and sound were at the heart of BIHIMA’s mission. These concepts became the cornerstone of the revitalised BIHIMA brand. We distilled these ideas into a simple yet impactful sound pulse icon, where each dot within the icon represented one of BIHIMA’s many members, emphasising their inclusive approach. In addition to the brand refresh, we extended our creative efforts to design a range of collateral, including the development of BIHIMA’s new website.

Our approach was distinctly ‘mobile-first,’ as we recognised that the majority of website visitors were mobile users. With the primary goals of increasing membership and establishing BIHIMA as a recognised authority in the hearing technology sector, our website design was geared towards optimising the user experience for mobile devices.


The new brand identity shown across all stationery.

Our Impact

Our collaboration with BIHIMA led to significant achievements:

  • Firmly positioned BIHMA as a leading authority

  • Increased membership conversion by 22% since relaunch


Lanyard branded up with the new BIHIMA identity.
A photo at a conference showing a digital on screen image of the BIHIMA identity.

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