Brand Audit

IceWorX™ will help you to understand your brand / business position and determine whether it’s working effectively for you. Your brand and the experience it provides should never be neglected.

The IceWorX™ brand auditing journey is a simple three step process that results in giving business leaders or senior executives the insights and recommendations to take away and use to push the business and brand forwards. In summary it will help you to: 

  • Identify your business strengths
  • Realise existing and future opportunities
  • Identify areas of improvement 
  • Gain real customer and stakeholder insights
  • Provide clear competitor analysis
  • Define your business position in the market

Feel free to read on for a bit more detail on what we cover at each stage, alternatively give us a call and we’ll happily discuss how it all works.


The IceWorx™ journey begins with creating a profile of your brand as it stands today.
If you are a larger organisation with a broad portfolio of brands then it will also address elements of your brand architecture.

Brand visuals and touchpoints can also form important parts of the profile we provide, however, we will not simply show you pictures of the communications you know are out there, we’ll actually help you to understand what is working and not working and the implications various actions are having or can have.

We’ll help you define the overall category you sit in.
This is the place in the market in which you compete, as understood by your customers – not you. We’ll also explore areas you could potentially penetrate (if appropriate)

We’ll engage key stakeholders, staff and customers through the process.
We will help you to create the alignment you need internally with the leadership team and staff in order for the business to thrive. You will also gain a greater understanding on what your customers think about you today and what opportunities there is for improving the customer experience whilst maximising what you are already doing well.

We’ll unpick what your company’s current positioning is and identify your current value proposition based on the differentiated benefits you communicate across your touchpoints. 


We’ll review your competition: competing brands and conditions in the market, if relevant.
These will be the competitors identified by you and others we that we find that could potentially be ones to watch and give you a summary of why/what/how you can do to compete.

Our process will help us to inform you on what actions to take in order to gain a competitive advantage.


We’ll provide you with a detailed printed and digital report with conclusions drawn from insights and deeper understandings that we unearth that you can use to make informed decisions about how to move forwards.

We’ll give you a plan of action and give you the answers to questions like:

What should happen next?
How can we be more consistent across all touch points (visible and invisible)?
What should we be aware of that we weren’t aware of before?
What things do we believe to be true but are actually false?
What do we stand for?
What are our core values internally and externally?
How can we differentiate ourselves better?
What is the company’s overall vision?
Do our staff know our short and long term goals?
What can we do to compete with Company X or be better than Company Y?


IceWorX™ will provide an answer to all your brand questions along with actionable insights on how you can make improvements as and where appropriate.

If you want to find out more about our brand audit process and how it can benefit your business, please fill out this form.

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