The more blogs, images, videos and other digital content that is uploaded, the more it needs to be well managed to make sure the site doesn’t crash.

Here are our hints and tips for easier content management:

1. Keep your online presence fresh and on brand

With content marketing the key is never to just build a site and leave it. A website has to be a growing ever-changing beast. But it needn’t become a nightmare to handle. At Frost Creative we build client websites with a flexible modular approach. It means clients can easily update their sites without any extra design or web development requirements.

This type of modular system makes it very easy for businesses to keep their sites updated regularly without all the hassle, and without having to go back to their agency every time they want to change some words.

2. Think about the images you are uploading

Using attractive imagery is a must for most websites nowadays but unfortunately loading an image without checking the file size can result in pages which take a long time or, worse still, fail to load properly when a website visitor opens them.

Some image files can be incredibly large, which will only serve to slow down your site and cause problems, including creating issues with Google which prefers fast websites.

Our tip is to crop and resize the photograph before you upload it to the website. Better still, use a website system like the one we offer which automatically resizes and crops any photos that are uploaded.

3. Never upload a video straight onto your website

If you are using video, it’s best to host them on a YouTube channel or Vimeo and then embed the video into your site from there. This way, you won’t be hosting the physical video file on your server which will take up a lot of space and could slow your site down considerably.

Hosting on YouTube or Vimeo also means you can create a corporate branded channel which is another way for customers to find your business.

4. Keep copy short and avoid text heavy website pages

Try to keep website page copy as short as possible and if you are featuring a lengthy blog post or page, then break up the text with headlines, sub-headings, bullet points and images throughout the text.

There is nothing more off putting than clicking onto a web page only to be confronted with a tonne of tiny ongoing text which requires never-ending scrolling to get through. Keep copy to a minimum wherever you can.

Keeping your website fresh and regularly updated needn’t become a chore with all of the software systems around nowadays. If you would like to talk to us, at Frost Creative, about the modular website build approach we use, then please do get in touch today.