Another bandwagon seems to rolling down at the moment and it’s annoying. No doubt you have heard about the term “personal branding.” It’s a concept that’s got many scratching their heads, myself included.

To start off, what’s the fuss about personal branding, and does it really have any substance? Frankly, it seems more like a passing trend than a genuine concept. I’m sure I’m not the only one finding it a bit perplexing. At the end of the day, we’re all unique individuals – living, breathing souls with our own set of skills. Whether you’re steering a business, offering services, providing advice, or just indulging in TV show critiques, you are uniquely you. In the grand tapestry of life, our personalities are shaped by our distinctive journeys and the values we hold close.

Understanding the Branding Landscape
Shifting our focus to the world of branding, where the term “branding” is, in itself an art form. It’s about crafting narratives, establishing identities, and building connections that go beyond the surface. It’s a nuanced dance, playing with perception and emotion. When explaining brand and branding to people I’d often say the following. A brand is not what you say it is, it’s what they say it is. This means it’s a gut feeling someone attaches to a business, product or service. Now, the art of branding is helping to influence the emotional attachment someone attaches to a business, product or service.

So, where does “personal branding” fit into this grand picture?
It appears to be more of a modern-day term for self-promotion, lacking the depth and substance that authentic branding brings. Personal branding attempts to apply branding principles to individuals but runs the risk of losing the authentic touch that genuine branding embodies. As individuals, is it worth investing our time in consciously shaping what others think about us? Our personal identity is rooted in authenticity – being true to ourselves. The big question is whether personal branding is a sincere effort to express our true selves or if it’s just another trend diverting us from our authentic individuality.

In the world of branding, personal branding seems to be a somewhat uncertain note. It lacks the depth, sincerity, and purpose that define true branding. Perhaps it’s time to strip away the modern exterior and return to the authenticity of being ourselves. After all, whether people resonate with us or not is secondary to the genuine connections we form and the meaningful contributions we make.

Everyone will have their own view on what personal branding means, I however struggle to see how it sits in the world of branding when you know what the real concept of branding is. It doesn’t work.
You can be an expert in your field and grow your followers by going through any formal personal branding process. I bet Richard Brandon didn’t engage a personal branding consultant to elevate his status. He’s known because of his success and he’s very open about his journey and sharing knowledge. He’s just being himself, not creating a personal brand.

Rant over, Gary