Here at Frost Creative we don’t think big means better and here’s why not:

Dealing with a small team

As a client, you will only ever be working with a small team of people from the agency so whether they have 80 staff or 10 staff, you are only ever likely to deal with your own particular account management team.

At a smaller agency however, you are more than just another client or a number on the spreadsheet and will be looked after far more as a result. You will be much more of a priority for a small agency than you would in a large one.

Working with the right talent

One of the myths about large agencies is they have all the talent but again, that’s not the case. In fact the best brand and design agencies across the world are generally smaller teams, as it’s a more collaborative and creative environment.

Levels of client service experience

Some clients think they will get a better, quicker service from a bigger agency. No doubt they will pull out all the stops when it comes to quoting and pitching for your work but generally, when it comes to actual project delivery the service experience is the same, no matter what the agency size.

Pitching for free (We NEVER do)

While it’s true that big agencies will spend time and money to pitch for your business, often giving creative ideas away for free, the reason they do this is because they need to keep bringing in more and more business.

A smaller agency is less likely to engage in a free competitive pitching process because it won’t be cost effective; however, the care and attention client’s get post pitch will always be consistent. Smaller agencies look after their clients from day one.

Value for money

A big agency has big overheads, higher staff costs and will pass all of that on to their clients so you will be faced with much higher fees as a result. The higher fees don’t reflect better quality, just paying for dealing with a bigger company so if you want more return for your budget you’d be better off spending it with a smaller agency instead.

Consistent client communication

With a smaller agency you will always know who you are dealing with for every aspect of your project and your work won’t get pushed off the table because a much bigger new client has now taken priority at the agency.

With a smaller agency you won’t be pushed from MD to Account Director; Account manager to Account Executive, only to be left with Dave the designer in the studio because your account is insignificant now that the agency has won a bigger project…

When it comes down to the talent employed, and the quality of work produced, there is not much difference between using a big agency and a small agency. But when it comes to customer service, client relationships and value for money, the best agencies come in smaller packages.

If you’d like to talk to our small but perfectly formed team at Frost Creative about any of your branding needs, then please do get in touch with us today.