Brand building is a challenge. Getting a full grip on your brand (business) requires a lot of effort and will often involve avoiding traditional business functions. Brand building requires the complete alignment of your leadership team. It will require synergy from your broader team within, such as HR, Operations and the Sales and Marketing department. Brand building is about setting a direction for the business (overall vision/ambition) and setting you up to achieve. However, the most important factor to effective brand building is that you adopt a customer-centric approach, because at the end of the day, branding is about what your customers say about your business, not what we think or you think. It is that gut feeling for why they follow you, trust you and buy from you.

Brand building requires a deep understanding of how and why you are different. We can help you to create a story that engages your target audience in a truthful, authentic and meaningful way.

Designing a new logo or a refreshed website is not enough. We work with clients to achieve success, deliver change and help them grow through the delivery of effective brand strategy. Whatever your business size and/or goals Frost can help.

If you are answering YES to any of the following questions, we should talk:

  • Does it seem like your staff are all pulling in different directions?
  • Are you finding it a challenge to stand out in the marketplace?
  • Do you feel that sometimes your existing customers and target prospects just don’t GET you?
  • Is it a common theme that your prospects seem to always compare you with your competitors on price?
  • They don’t know what makes you different, or what makes you better, or what makes you, you?

We can help you resolve all these challenges, that’s what a strategic brand agency does.

At Frost we have the experience and knowledge of building effective brands for businesses big and small. Our approach is agile; your business, the market you serve, your unique challenges and future ambitions will dictate what we do and the outcomes we deliver. Over the years we have collaborated with some amazing brands, delivering successful strategies and helped them grow. That’s what we do.

So, whether you are looking for strategic consultancy, the design of a of a new visual identity or want support from initial strategy through to launch and ongoing comms, we can help.