I am delighted to have recently completed and passed, the 3rd course of a very intense series of brand Masterclasses delivered by Level C. I am now a certified brand architect.
For those that are living and breathing brand will know that Level C is, if you don’t then you should! Level C provides the world’s most visionary brand education program. This is a one of a kind course that sees Brand Consultants and Creative Directors from all over the globe enrol. I was joined by 40+ experts in London to finalise a 6-month project where our team collectively delivered a big strategic idea to help the Dr Oetker brand/business increase revenues within a category they are already a global leader in. Unfortunately, I am unable to divulge what the big idea is as it will happen and we’ve been sworn to secrecy.

What I realised navigating through the Level C course journey is that deep level strategic thinking is not just applicable to the global brands of this world, the same principles can be applied to an SME or large national. The fundamental business challenges will be very different of course, but how we solve them can be done through deep level strategic thinking. What SMEs need to realise is they generally operate in a space where they’re never going to be a true leader unless they’re a start-up and launching something radically new to the market, or are fortunate to obtain investment and build a business through acquisitions that result in market share domination. For an SME, it’s about differentiation and being known for something in the hearts and minds of their customer. This all sounds familiar of course, but how then can we leverage deeper strategic thinking to help an SME grow? This is where the work we can do is transformational, it’s not just about marketing messages or the visual identity, it’s about how we can help your business be better, do better and ultimately improve your relationships with your customer and attract more to increase revenues. The strategic ideas may recommend a new innovative and unique service offering, the launch and creation of a new product or even the creation of a new business altogether. This is what branding is about. It is real business transformation and differentiation. It’s not just what you sound like or what you look like, it’s far deeper than that.

For myself and my colleagues at Frost it is imperative that we continue to evolve and improve, I want clients to have access to the best creative and strategic expertise. My short term goal is to help our existing and future clients understand how they really need to think about brand and help their businesses to transform and grow. The principles of brand are truly embedded within Frost and we are well equipped to solve any business or brand challenge, whilst keeping your customers at the centre of everything.

At Frost businesses of all sizes now have access to global brand expertise but at a cost that is affordable.