At Frost our teams experience and knowledge expands many many decades, and throughout this time we have developed a tried and tested branding methodology and process that works for businesses of all shapes and sizes, helping clients to achieve steady organic growth.

Knowledge and experience is really important and as a company we wanted to add more credibility to our experience by way of qualifications that demonstrate we have been tested and validated. With this year being so disrupted we decided not to rest on our laurels and explored opportunities to develop our strategic skills further. The personal development needs and desires for each of our team can differ depending on the role. One of the design team expanded their knowledge of code to get a better understanding of the possibilities and limitations online, others explored animation and some took a more strategic path.

In the autumn of 2019 we found a series of courses that focus on exactly what we offer as a company, brand strategy. For those in the business and marketing world will know of Marty Neumeier, the author of the Brand Gap, Zag, Brand Flip and many more leading titles that focus on the world of branding. Anyway, outside of his consultancy work and authoring Marty runs the only dedicated branding course in the world that gives brand professionals a valid certification for strategy. We decided to enrol and learn from arguably the most renowned branding experts on the planet. The course, often referred to as the SAS of brand strategy training, consists of 5 weekly courses that take participants on the journey from becoming a certified brand specialist, strategist, architect, through to a master and teacher. It is the only current way to achieve a qualification and certification for your knowledge and experience as a brand professional in the world.

If you are seeking an agency that truly gets ‘brand strategy’ and how to deliver radical differentiation for your business/brand, and make sure that it matters to the right people, then come and chat to us.
We’ll help you plan a path to building a better, stronger more valuable business and brand.