First and foremost, branding is not an aspect of your business where cutting corners is advisable. Ultimately, branding stands as a cornerstone of your business’s success and long-term aspirations. Your brand exerts significant influence on the emotional connections consumers develop with your product, service, and business as a whole. Establishing and maintaining a strong brand presence is paramount. Without effective branding, your growth trajectory may be stunted, your marketing efforts may lack direction, and you may struggle to establish yourself as the preferred choice for your target audience.

But what is the financial investment required for branding?

The cost varies depending on several factors, such as the stage of your business’s lifecycle, its size, the market segment it operates in, the nature of its offerings, and any challenges it faces.

For instance, launching a professional services startup in the mortgage broker industry presents vastly different challenges compared to introducing a groundbreaking technology startup with an innovative app.

Established businesses already possess a brand identity, albeit one that may require reevaluation and revitalisation due to factors like mergers, acquisitions, the introduction of new services, a lack of clarity about who we are, or declining market share. In such cases, seeking assistance from a branding consultancy like ours becomes imperative to identify solutions and chart a path forward.

While the branding process may vary among different branding firms, we all share a common objective: to address our clients’ challenges effectively. While visually stunning designs may initially captivate, it is the strategic groundwork that truly underpins the value offered by a branding consultancy.

Our ThreeTwo framework serves as a structured approach to the branding journey, encompassing three key phases: Think, Create, Deliver.

Think: This phase involves strategic branding processes such as competitor analysis, stakeholder engagement, positioning, defining values, mission, vision, and purpose. This groundwork establishes the brand’s direction and sets the stage for its future success.

Create: Here, the strategic vision is translated into creative expressions across various touchpoints, both visually and verbally.

Deliver: This phase encompasses the finalisation of brand identity and creation of assets for brand communications across all touchpoints. Deliverables may range from brand guidelines to comprehensive marketing materials like photography, websites, videos, signage, and print collateral.

The extent of our involvement in each phase is tailored to suit the unique needs and challenges of each client, considering factors such as organisational structure, lifecycle stage, and stakeholder involvement. What remains consistent across our approach is the alignment of strategy with action. Effective brand strategy not only shapes visual and verbal communication but also informs operational aspects such as company culture, service delivery, and product development.

At Frost, we are excited to introduce new branding initiatives in the coming months, offering tailored programmes based on clients’ size and lifecycle, all anchored in our proven ThreeTwo framework.

ThreeTwo helps businesses identify and articulate what sets them apart—not just in terms of unique selling points, but in defining the fundamental essence and purpose underlying their operations. With Frost, clients receive more than just attention-grabbing branding; they gain an authentic, foundational framework for sustained, measurable growth.

If you would like to understand how the ThreeTwo framework could benefit your business, feel free to get in-touch