Everyone at Frost would like to thank all of our clients who have very kindly recommended us on the Drum Recommended Agency register again this year (https://www.recommendedagencies.com/).
This is now the 7th year in a row that we have maintained Recommended Agency status. At the time of writing this post, Frost has been highly rated on 7 key services, and these are:

  • B2B – Brand Strategy
  • B2C – Brand Strategy
  • Branding Design
  • Print Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Copywriting

We really appreciate everyone who has taken the time and effort to do this for us. To be recommended for all these services is really positive for us as it reinforces our offering and proves that everything that we say we do, we actually do and we have validation from the people that matter, our clients.

Services that reflect our core expertise
You may have noticed recently that Frost has shifted its position of being creative agency to a Branding Consultancy in recent years. Creativity is pivotal to branding, that’s a given, but the term Creative Agency for us is too generic and means too many things to too many people. We’re not full service and we won’t ever pretend to be, so we decided to simply define ourselves as a Branding Consultancy because brand is what we focus on and what we are experts at. We categorise our brand consultancy services into the following 3 key areas; Strategy, Design and Brand Language, you can read more on these here.
Through the many years of working with leading brands we have learned that it is these 3 key areas where we add real value to our clients. Researching and defining a brand’s unique positioning and then creatively bringing the brand alive through creative design and engaging copy across everything, is in essence what we do. A brand lives and breaths everywhere and therefore the work that we do does too.

Partnerships built on trust
Without solid relationships and a mutual trust between Frost and our clients we could not deliver any of the effective work we do. Some of our clients have been with us from the very beginning and it is wonderful to watch them flourish and achieve the objectives they set out when we initially began working with them. Corrigenda, our longest standing client has been working alongside us since 2014 and has grown 25% YOY. Today they are one of the South’s leading Facilities Services firms and we’re proud to have helped them achieve success with our work.

From SME’s to Bluechips it really doesn’t matter to us, our tried and tested methodology to branding is scaleable and designed to fit around the different types of organisations we work with. Every client we work with is treated equally, regardless of budget and size. The work we do touches every touchpoint, both the visible and invisible, so you know where to turn should you want some candid advice about your brand.

You can download our agency ratings report direct from Drum at anytime after signing up.
Visit: https://www.recommendedagencies.com/

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