Be Bold, Be limitless. A unique brand identity that breaks all convention in the legal sector

Using emotional intelligence to transform legal firms and enable them to thrive.

EQ stands for emotional intelligence, but it’s much more than that. EQ sees how emotional intelligence builds resilience, improves communication and nourishes personal relationships, both within the office and outside. Their mission is to help legal firms discover new opportunities. They see things differently, recognising possibilities and realising opportunities and are fuelled by curiosity.



The true passion is people and by nurturing a psychologically healthy and dynamic workplace they believe they can enable firms to thrive without limits to its possibilities and profitability. We delivered a full branding program that included naming, brand strategy and position through to design of core marketing assets and messaging development.

Our visual language is focused around people and their diversity. The custom images showcase people’s different talents, skills and personalities whilst reflecting EQ’s distinctive creative approach.



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