A Beacon of Educational Excellence

Illuminating educational excellence

In a collaborative endeavour with Lighthouse Learning Trust (LLT), Frost Creative embarked on a strategic journey to develop a robust brand identity that would illuminate LLT’s unwavering commitment to educational excellence. LLT envisioned itself as a guiding force in the education sector, offering exceptional career-focused opportunities for students and empowering educators to make a positive impact on both local communities and the economy.

The Challenge:

LLT approached Frost Creative with a clear vision: to establish itself as an educational centre of excellence, encompassing the values of career-focused education, community empowerment, and commitment to the future. To turn this vision into a reality, Frost Creative was tasked with crafting a compelling brand identity and developing a comprehensive brand strategy that would resonate with LLT’s unique position in the educational landscape.


Creating Brand Distinction:

In collaboration with LLT, our first mission was to highlight the distinctiveness that sets LLT apart in the education sector. We emphasised LLT’s unwavering commitment to career-focused education, recognising its pivotal role in unlocking the potential of every student. LLT’s dedication to cultivating a dynamic and innovative learning environment was further amplified, complemented by its innate talent for building valuable partnerships. Through this exploration, LLT emerged as a premier educational destination, unwaveringly focused on shaping the future of education.

Articulating Purpose and Vision:

Our journey with LLT included crafting a brand strategy that left no aspect unexplored. Together, we defined LLT’s purpose: to empower educators to create positive opportunities for students, their communities, and the economy. LLT’s vision was to become the educational centre of excellence in its region, where everyone could thrive and contribute positively to their communities and the local economy. The mission was clear: to enhance LLT’s reputation by providing the very best in career-focused education, training, and opportunities, empowering individuals across the region to unlock their true potential. These principles laid the foundation for LLT’s brand identity.



Comprehensive Brand Unity:

Our design solution ensured seamless brand architecture, connecting LLT, Richard Taunton College, and St. Vincent College. Guided by the concept of “a leading light,” it delivered a cohesive visual identity. Our efforts transformed LLT into a beacon of opportunity, attracting students, parents, businesses, and partners. Simultaneously, Richard Taunton College and St. Vincent college solidified their roles within the larger LLT brand family.

Impact and Results:

Beyond crafting a brand identity, we established a robust brand architecture. LLT, Richard Taunton College, and St. Vincent College now share a unified vision. This accentuates LLT’s uniqueness while allowing each institution to shine within the realm of educational excellence. Our journey highlighted LLT’s distinct qualities, including a focus on career-oriented education, the unlocking of potential, the creation of dynamic learning environments, the forging of strong partnerships, the delivery of premier education, and an unwavering dedication to the future.

We established four core pillars: partnership strength, empathy, educational excellence, and thought leadership. Guided by the concept of “a leading light,” our design led to the creation of a compelling brand identity. Today, LLT shines brightly, attracting students, parents, businesses, and partners alike.

We are so pleased with the outcome of the LLT rebrand, the Frost team did an amazing job translating our vision and values into something that is cohesive, interesting, and refreshing as well as giving us a strong identity to our external stakeholders. They are also great to work with!
Bev Flanagan, Head of Marketing & Communications

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