This is role-finding reimagined

This is role-finding reimagined. Rebranding recruitment.

Greystone Engineering are a recruitment consultancy that specialises in placing top tier candidates into roles within the Engineering sector. The founders set up the business in 2016 with a clear vision; to re-imagine what recruitment is and what it stands for. They know the industry has a bad reputation and they are driven to change people’s perception of what recruitment means.

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Frost was briefed to help define a new category for their business and, in turn, rebrand the organisation to reflect their unique place in the marketplace. Greystone focus on the individual, they understand the direction they want their career to go in and carry out a bespoke search to identify an opportunity that fulfils their aims. They engage with people as members, not candidates. This is an important distinction that differentiates them.

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Membership means personal attention, exclusivity, perks, doors opened and valuable peer-to-peer relationships. It reinforces their position of only working with the best professionals, the top 10%. Greystone aim to place people into roles where they will succeed personally and bring value to their clients businesses.

The new brand positioning ‘Role-finding reimagined’ was born and this truly underpins the Greystone difference. They are not recruiters in the traditional sense, they find roles for their members, roles that don’t even exist yet.

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A new category is born

Frost delivered a comprehensive strategic branding program, interviewing clients, members, staff and the key stakeholders to gain a deep and thorough understanding of what Greystone stands for and how they want to be perceived. This process also helped educate staff on the values and different way of doing things. We delivered creative workshops involving the team and board of directors to collectively deliver a renewed set of values and redefined brand positioning.  The new brand positioning ‘Role-finding reimagined’ was born and this underpins the Greystone difference. They are not recruiters in the traditional sense, they find roles for their members.

To set your own category, you need to step outside the one you are in, so we created the following brand statement that sets them apart; “We’re Greystone. We don’t do recruitment and we do it brilliantly.” This articulates the Greystone difference perfectly. By stepping away from the term ‘Recruitment’ and eliminating it from the brand language, it instantly redefines who they are and what they stand for.

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Visual assets that support the strategy

Greystone’s approach is modern, yet inclusive. Membership is not available to everyone however, so we needed to address the balance of presenting exclusivity whilst being inclusive to the top 10% Greystone want to engage with. We delivered a unique visual system built around the golden ratio; this in itself stands for beauty, the very best and precision to name a few. This underpins Greystone’s meticulous efforts to only work with the very best people and deliver the very best service. The grid structure, imagery and typography are all carefully considered and balanced to echo Greystone’s positioning and personality.

The impact

• Higher staff retention rate

• A substantial increase in candidate acquisition

• Greater client loyalty and engagement


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