Frost Creative Honored as Winner in the Branding and Brand Identity category at the 2023 Creative Communication Award for ‘Empowering effective multichannel communications for CFH.’

Hampshire based, UK Branding and Creative agency Frost Creative has been awarded in the category of Branding in the 2023 Creative Communication Award (C2A) for Empowering effective multichannel communications for CFH.

The 2023 edition of the Creative Communication Award bore witness to the submission of hundreds of creative and inspirational projects from across the world. Following a meticulous evaluation process conducted by esteemed industry professionals on the jury panel, a plethora of original and innovative concepts emerged across eighteen categories, encompassing graphic design, communication, photography, advertising, and digital media.

The Creative Communication Award remains steadfast in its mission to unearth and propagate the finest creative designs from around the world. Regardless of their geographical origins, C2A laureates universally communicate through the language of design, reflecting a profound understanding of human nature and an exceptional ability to convey ideas effectively.

This year’s jurors lavished praise upon the 2023 winners for their extraordinary skills, unwavering commitment, and creative brilliance. These accolades acknowledged their substantial contributions to the pivotal role played by creative design in our contemporary world. Chiara Aliotta, C2A juror and Art Director at Until Sunday, commented: “Each year, serving on the C2A jury is both a privilege and a joy, allowing me to evaluate some of the most captivating design projects. It serves as a delightful window through which I can witness the diverse creative perspectives of my colleagues, offering a boundless source of inspiration. This competition not only enriches the jury members’ experiences but also fosters growth and celebrates the richness of creative diversity among all participants.

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About the Creative Communication Award:

Our goal at the C2A, where even our name represents a call to action, is simple: we want to promote creativity and reward designers and creative thinkers for all the hard work and skill they put into their projects. Their stories — whether told through graphics or through words, whether still or moving, digital or analogue — matter, they are important, and they deserve to be honored, shared and celebrated.

The C2A is organized by the Farmani Group — a leading organization curating and promoting photography, design and architecture across the globe since 1985 — as the sister-initiative of the IDA International Design Awards.

The company’s key mission is to discover and promote talent in these areas, through competitions, awards, exhibitions, developing artist communities, providing networking opportunities, and education.

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