A dynamic induction programme for new Colas Rail employees

Frost Creative was briefed with designing an engaging employee induction presentation and event for new starters joining Colas Rail UK.

The Assignment:
To fully engage newcomers to Colas Rail UK through an exciting avenue of gamification, a dynamic and immersive experience that will immerse employees into the company’s strategic narrative and bring alignment with Colas Rail’s brand and corporate objectives. A significant emphasis is placed on ensuring that staff grasp what the concept of being a Colas Rail employee means and what opportunities exist for team members and how that delivers success for the organisation.

Developing gamified concept
Frost enthusiastically delved into the world of impactful games that facilitated a progressive learning journey. Designing a gamification strategy that was akin to embarking on an adventure, the gamified experience was structured in such a way that participants were encouraged to unlock new insights and achieve mini-milestones during the event. This innovative approach not only made the learning process engaging but also ensured that participants were actively involved in deciphering and internalising the company’s core values and goals.

A Quest is Born
To ensure a truly immersive learning experience, the quest was meticulously designed with chapters that seamlessly adhered to an overarching narrative. Each chapter was a distinct phase on the journey, with interactions carefully placed at the end of each segment. These interactions were strategically crafted to reinforce the knowledge acquired within the chapter, allowing participants to engage and interact, solidifying their understanding and aligning with the overall quest narrative.

Dynamic Presentation Design & Build
We harnessed the full array of features within Microsoft PowerPoint to construct a captivating, user-friendly, and highly engaging tool tailored for delivering the induction quest. This build involved a multifaceted approach that pushed the boundaries of traditional corporate presentations to new heights. We meticulously scripted and edited character videos, infusing them with personality and relevance, which added a human touch to the learning journey, and added seamlessly integrated interactive tools that enhanced the learning experience.

Through this dynamic presentation build, we ventured beyond the conventional, creating a remarkable and immersive tool that breathed life into the quest and ensured that participants were not just spectators but active participants in their journey towards understanding Colas Rail and helping to achieve its strategic objectives.

The Grads and Apprentices were engaged and enjoyed it and Jean-Pierre stole the show with his videos. It actually looks like a professional induction now, like a big corporate would have, but more fun!
Gemma Simmonds, Colas Rail