Demystifying Cyber Security

Fourtify Cyber Security was created with the aim to demystify and simplify Cyber Security for small-to-medium sized businesses across the UK. Fourtify advises, implements and certifies internationally recognised accreditations to organisations that meet the required technical controls.

Frost Creative were commissioned by the Managing Director to shape the brand identity from the ground up; this included brand strategy, naming and full implementation of the marketing communications.

We worked through our strategic and creative framework, ThreeTwo™, to devise a strategic plan of action for the business. Originally the business was called BCR Consultancy which didn’t have any real meaning, other than it included the founders initials. Our insight and research informed that a new name was required in order to give the business a better chance of gaining more market share quickly once launched.

Frost initiated a competitor analysis and offered naming options that fitted the company’s overall vision and purpose.

Fourtify was chosen for the brand name. The name references fortification which has obvious links to protection and security, but we gave it an alternative spelling using ‘Four’ as the first syllable which references the four key services areas for the business. A simple, effective and extendable brand name that is perfectly fitting for the business.

We homed in on the positioning of ‘Cyber Threats. Diminished.’ This not only simply describes what Fourtify delivers, it personifies the straight talking, down to earth and easy to understand way the Fourtify advisors communicate.

Complete peace of mind as your technology infrastructure will always be secure. They exist to Fourtify business.

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