The NHS, Healthier Together Support Network brand relaunch

Building a future-proofed brand and marketing toolkit

The Healthier Together Support Network (HTSN) is an established wellbeing service for NHS Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Integrated Care partnership. Frost was briefed to refresh the brand and its communications across all channels to maximise the impact of the important work the service provides.

We overhauled the brand identity, designed and built the new website, created a suite of core messages tailored to each of its different audiences, and developed a marketing toolkit and template suite that enables the individual employers of the service to ‘pick and mix’ their own assets to support their existing and future communications.

Social post for brand implementation. A varied group of people to show equality, diversity and inclusion.
HTSN logo shown in different brand colours.
Pages from Brand Guidelines to demonstrate brand implementation and tone of voice.
An illustration showing a hand holding a mobile phone with a picture of a person, with a different hand holding a heart to demonstrate care.

Raising awareness of a vital service

It was imperative that our work made it easier for the NHS to promote the services to the people who are eligible to use it. Our work has achieved the following outcomes:

  • People now have greater confidence and know they have permission to refer themselves if they want to
  • The brand helps people feel like they are supported  and are clear about their support options
  • We’re helping to break down taboos about mental health and encourage conversations by applying the right tone of voice for the different audiences
  • People immediately recognise this as a service for them as it is inclusive, targeted and relevant
  • Empower the team to maintain a communications activity plan by providing a broad suite of templated marketing materials they can keep updated effortlessly.
An iMac showing an illustration of work/life balance.
An image of three phone screens, each with a social post demonstrating tone of voice and brand implementation.
An illustration showing two people talking.
A social post of a person confused by life's challenges.
Three pull up banners to show illustrations and tone of voice implementation.
An image to show an advert on the side of a telephone box.

Delivering a unified message across all channels

Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) was the foundation of our design solution. We had to ensure our visual language and messaging was agile enough for the NHS to create communications that supported EDI requirements yet maintained consistency. We developed a soft and inclusive illustrative graphic language that compliments the wide range of services on offer.

Our creative solutions covered:

  • Brand Creation
  • Messaging and TOV
  • Guidelines and marketing toolkit
  • Website design & build (UX/UI)
  • Social content
  • Video animation.

You can view the website here.

An illustration to show life's balance - a series of stacked up stones (as per meditation) with a person sitting at the top.

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