Making Waves in Digital Advertising for Fluid Ads

Frost Creative partnered with Fluid Ads to undertake a comprehensive rebranding and web redesign project. This case study outlines the journey, from the initial discovery session to the final delivery of a brand toolkit and UX/UI guidelines.

The Challenge
Fluid Ads is a leading digital advertising platform with a mission to revolutionise online advertising. They sought to update their brand identity to better reflect their innovative spirit and unique value proposition. Frost Creative was engaged to create a brand that captured the essence of Fluid Ads’ holistic advertising approach while ensuring the message resonated with their target audience.

Discovery Session and Brand Strategy Refinement
The project began with a discovery session to understand Fluid Ads’ business, goals, and values. This deep dive allowed Frost Creative to appreciate the essence of the brand and its unique selling points. From this understanding, a refined brand strategy emerged, rooted in the idea of “Making Waves in Digital Advertising.” This concept symbolised Fluid Ads’ mission to disrupt the industry.

Rebrand Design Concepts and Messaging
Frost Creative designed a set of concepts and messaging to reflect the new brand strategy. These concepts encompassed various visual elements and taglines. Several rounds of brainstorming and feedback with Fluid Ads led to the selection of the concept “Dynamic Waves in Advertising.”┬áThe selected concept blended a vibrant colour palette, modern typography, and fluid design elements to evoke a sense of movement and dynamism.

Brand Guidelines and UX/UI Guide
To ensure consistent brand application, we created comprehensive brand guidelines. These guidelines covered logo usage, colour schemes, typography, and messaging tone. They also detailed design elements such as iconography and image styles. Simultaneously, a UX/UI guide was developed for the website, focusing on user experience and interface design, ensuring the new brand would be seamlessly integrated into the site by their in-house web developers.

Supply of Brand Assets
Upon finalisation of the branding guidelines, we provided Fluid Ads with all necessary brand assets. These included high-resolution logo files, typography files, colour codes, and design templates for various applications, from business cards to social media graphics, enabling their digital marketing team to create engaging marketing content effortless.

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