Impactful Housing Branding and Marketing Communications for PegasusLife

Marketing communications and brand guardianship

From photography to branding, design and copywriting, Frost Creative has delivered it all. PegasusLife chose to use Frost Creative because of our agile approach to working. We delivered one-off campaigns and a variety of communications collateral taking a  a lead role in the creation and implementation of a variety of creative assets that gave PegasusLife’s in-house design team the tools they needed to create on-brand marketing communications, saving PegasusLife money on ongoing agency fees and improving the teams overall efficiency.

An image to show a PegasusLife advert in a newspaper, showing one of their developments.
A black and white lifestyle photo above brand messaging on a brochure cover.
An image to show internal spreads of a rental brochure. Image includes colour photos of PegasusLife developments.
An image to show an aerial CGI image of how one of the PegasusLife developments could look.

Addressing a need for continuity. 

PegasusLife adopt different brands and stories for each development and as such marketing communications became muddled and PegasusLife, ‘the umbrella brand’ had not established the right level of brand awareness. Frost Creative facilitated a nationwide redesign of all their marketing collateral for each development. This included site plans, floor plates, brochures, hoardings and signage in addition to the creation of sales marketing assets that promoted PegasusLife’s services and philosophy to its customers, helping to increase brand awareness nationally for PegasusLife.

An image to show exhibition boards containing maps and geological images.

We created a full scale suite of templates and collateral for PegasusLife corporate communications, in addition to the creation of all marketing collateral for 19 developments nationwide. We worked closely with a newly formed design studio to provide brand and campaign assets that enabled PegasusLife’s teams to re-purpose for future communications.

The Impact

We saved PegasusLife in excess of around £100,000 of ongoing creative fees

Improved their in-house studio efficiency by 18.5%

Increased brand awareness nationwide for PegasusLife.


An image to show a printed leaflet for referring a friend. Contains lifestyle photography.
An image to show guidelines for writing a newsletter. Shows types of photography and tone of voice examples.
An image of a tri-fold leaflet showing lifestyle photos and messaging for a PegasusLife development.
An image to show a 2-sided flyer with interior shots of a PegasusLife apartment.
An image to show a marketing flyer for a PegasusLife development with lifestyle photos and brand messaging.
An image to show individually branded brochure front covers for three different developments.
An image to show interior spreads from a branded brochure for a PegasusLife development. Includes lifestyle shots and local scenery.
An image to show interior spreads from a branded brochure. Image includes site map, floor plates and floor plans.
An image to show external hoardings for a PegasusLife retirement development.

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